We offer broad spectrum of advisory services and suggest products to our valued clients generally at no additional cost to them and, more often, at a reduced cost through constant review and rearrangement of their Insurance/Reinsurance portfolio. Our advisory services may include:


  • Risk and Insurance portfolio Audit
  • Risk Inspections & Assets Valuation
  • Claims Management/Negotiation
  • Enterprise Risk Management


  • Group & Individual Life Insurances – Individual and Group Pension
  • Group & Individual Health and Personal Accident


  • Fire and LOP & Industrial All Risk/Mega Risk Policies.
  • Marine Cargo & Hull
  • Oil & Energy
  • Motor
  • Communication and IT Tech.
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Credit & Financial Lines
  • Liability and WC Insurance
  • Rural and Micro Insurance


  • Facultative Reinsurance - Proportional and Layered placements for all classes.
  • Proportional Treaties Reinsurance - Quota share, Surplus and Facultative Obligatory Treaties for all classes.
  • Excess of Loss Reinsurance - Risk and CAT XL Covers and other non-proportional covers for property, Hull, Cargo, Energy, Marine Liability, Casualty classes, , Agriculture and Life.
  • Reinsurance Audits & Reviews


  • We represent national / multinational Insureds to Insurers, Direct Insurers to Reinsurers & Reinsurers to Retrocessionnaires and Alternative Risk Underwriters' to Risk bankers as we have good relationship in international market with Insurers / Syndicates / Reinsurers / Risk bankers with reliability and consistency;
  • We share professional expertise and personalized “Know-How “in a businesslike approach & share up-to-date intelligence on global markets trends.
  • We build bridges and break barriers through expertise between risk transferors and risk carriers and make availability of key decision makers and have ability to adapt to changes as per client needs;
  • We provide breadth and depth of underwriting knowledge and skills and specialist knowledge of offering effective and efficient solutions at competitive price;
  • We practice highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics;
  • We travel worldwide to unknown markets and never go “Out of Mind” or “Out of Sight” of our clients.
  • We know “How to win friendship and influence people “and serves clients as a confidential friend.
  • We combine report of a scientist, intuition of an artist and insight of a businessman and serve both sides like priest of marriage and not like an advocate of divorce.
  • We keep a watch over the financial security of ( Re ) insurers/Risk bankers and alerts for downgrades.